Are You Ready for The Journey?

How wonderful to have YOU join this journey to India and learn not only about the amazing people and places there but also about some new and cool technology that we’ll be testing along the way! My humble thanks to the Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Program for making this possible!

If you are NOT a Room 9 Kid, thank you for joining me on this website. is the place to follow my journeys through India, and I will be blogging and posting as much as possible so you can also discover the wonderful people and places of India!

If you ARE a Room 9 Kid, thank you for being a part of Mrs. Dunbar’s India Club! As a token of thanks, please download the digital badge below to display with pride on social media! If you are an active participant on this incredible journey, you will earn another very special badge which you will receive in the Fall of 2019.

Click HERE to visit my online Sway for Mrs. Dunbar’s India Club! Be certain to fill out the form on the Sway, then watch your email and – if you sent along a mobile phone number) your smart phone for updates, opportunities and interactions!

Thank you again! Namaste!


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